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The Western Horticultural Society Founder's Award was established in honor of those who had the vision and dedication to create a fellowship of nurserymen, horticultural professionals and avid gardeners.

The eleventh WHS Founders’ Awardee, Nancy Schramm, was honored at the 2014 December Holiday dinner.

Nancy was born in San Jose and rather than a silver spoon, was born with a silver trowel in her hand as her family owned and operated the Ed Carman Nursery in Los Gatos. Her father was one of WHS’s founding members and past president. For many years, he headed the plant discussions sharing his vast knowledge of new and rare plants. As a nursery child, Nancy and her two sisters earned spending money by weeding in the nursery.

She started attending WHS meetings with her parents while still in high school but recalls joining "officially" in 2004. She has directed her talents to illustrations for the WHS publication, Successful Vines for the Peninsula, writing articles on WHS from a historical perspective and recently a series of interviews with members to celebrate WHS’s 50th anniversary. Nancy’s continuing activities include sharing unusual plants in our Plant Discussions, seeking exceptional speakers as a member of the Speaker’s Committee, and leading the Hot Plant Picks team to organize the exhibit at the San Francisco Garden Show.

In addition, Nancy is active in California Rare Fruit Growers, writes garden related articles for a local newspaper, has been a horticultural expert in a television appearance and maintains her interests in Bonsai, miniature railroads, dwarf conifers and rock garden plants.

In her spare time (!) she enjoys crochet, books on tape while keeping up her weeding skills, organizing projects in her community and dedicates special time to her friends and family. I have been a fortunate beneficiary of her delicious baking skills.

One of Nancy’s secret wishes is to be assigned to a lighthouse or a firewatch station just for the opportunity to enjoy some quiet leisure time!

Congratulations to our 2014 Founders’ awardee, Nancy Schramm.

– Judy Wong

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