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Founded in 1963, the Western Horticultural Society is made up of horticulturists, botanists, landscape designers and architects, nursery people, students and avid gardeners. The monthly programs are designed to appeal to the dedicated plant lover. We invite you to join our group of plant and gardening enthusiasts!


A long time ago, many years before the Santa Clara Valley became known worldwide as the Silicon Valley, it was known as the Valley of Hearts’ Delight. These miles of fertile soil were an enchanting sight in the spring, covered with orchards of apricot, peach, cherry & prune trees. Valley residents appreciated what they had, and celebrated each spring with a Blossom Festival. With time, that fertile soil became covered with miles of asphalt and acres of concrete, but it was not enough to deter the avid gardener. 


This is the heritage that, in part, led to the creation of Western Horticultural Society.  In 1963 a group of both professional plantsmen and amateur gardeners banded together to create a local society where plant and garden lovers could learn from each other, and share that knowledge with others. 

The sharing of plant knowledge is still an important part of the Western Hort credo. Our monthly meetings feature speakers from all facets of gardening, and a plant discussion in a “show and tell” format. How better to learn about a plant than from someone who actually grows it? Join us to learn about plants, make new friends and have fun while we’re at it.

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