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WHS presented its sixth annual Founders Award program in December at the always well-attended potluck dinner. In gratitude for their dedication Barrie and Carol Coate were honored as a couple. They were presented an album depicting their participation in the society through the years and a watercolor by "Budge" (Charles) Garbett, a member of our society.

Barrie’s father was caretaker of the Yehudi Menuhin estate in Los Gatos, so there was no way Barrie could avoid the horticultural field; he was born to it. Barrie has a variety of interests, but his main focus became the trees. He became a certified arborist and is well-known nationwide. He has taught at our local colleges, once owned a nursery and he and Carol had a landscape design consulting service and even ventured into the antique business at one point.

Carol is a plants-person nonpareil; she designs, consults and constructs. It was through Carol’s dedication that UC Davis was chosen to administer the funds of the Saratoga Horticultural Foundation, over $1 million, assuring that the long-term goals of the Foundation would go forward. Davis is continuing the research and giving of grants to this today.

The Coates love rare plants and antiques and have some unusual objects in their garden landscape. Over the years their garden has been open to anyone wishing to visit; they have been very generous with their time and knowledge and have enriched their community as well as WHS with their presence. We are most gratified that they have graced and supported our society through these many years.

Carol Coate accepts the gift of a watercolor by "Budge" Garbett.

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