PO Box 166,  

Mountain View, CA 94042


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Current Officers & Board Members

President:  Janet Hoffmann

Vice President: Needs to be filled

Recording Secretary: Leslie Dean

Corresponding Secretary: Laurie Schofield

Treasurer: Jennifer Doniach

Other Board Members: Carol Dahout, Richard Hayden, Carrie Parker, Grace Tsang, Laura Wilson

Committee Heads & Volunteer Positions

Membership: Carrie Parker

Newsletter: Kathy Anberg

Speaker Committee: Leslie Dean (chairperson), Nancy Schramm, Judy Wong, Glenda Jones, Daxin Liu,

     Richard Hayden

Welcome Table: Carol Moholt, Mary Alice Reid

Audio: Position open, need to fill ASAP

Visual: Position open, need to fill ASAP

Plant Discussion: Katie Wong

Plant Table: Richard Hayden

Media: Laura Wilson

Website: Get involved

Speaker Dinner Host: Katie Wong

Members Event Coordinators: TBA


Western Horticultural Society is a dynamic group of plant loving folks. We have a great lineup of guest speakers for each of our meetings and we have ongoing plant sales all thanks to our member volunteers. Without the help of our members, we cannot do what we do to make our meetings as great as they are. 

If you would like to learn how you can get involved with Western Hort please email info@westernhort.org or speak with any board member to find out more.

Speaker Sponsorship

If you enjoy the talks given at our meetings and want to help the Western Horticultural Society sustain our program, you might like to sponsor one of our speakers! Your contribution helps cover the costs of hosting a speaker and we will note your name as sponsor in our newsletter. You can choose the month or speaker of your choice or perhaps you have a speaker you would like to propose for a future talk in the new year?

Contact Leslie Dean  lesliekdean@mindspring.com with contributions or questions.

Next board meeting is on:

APRIL 20, 2019 at 4pm