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Nancy Schramm presents the gift to Betsy while Robin Parer looks on

Betsy, still amazed, is supported by her son and Claudia

Betsy Clebsch has shared the joys and pitfalls of the intriguing salvia family and charmed every WHS member with her passion. She has delved into many areas of the horticultural world and helped and encouraged others to follow her lead. She has been a member of the WHS Board; a dedicated "Plant Discussion"colleague; has opened her home and gardens through the years, always sharing her knowledge and expertise to assist us in becoming better at our own passions.


These are the basic concepts our Founders sought when they established our society. It is an honor to have Betsy as an active member of our society and to present this tribute to her. And for those who did not attend the event we were successful in making this a real surprise for her. She told us she was speechless-not an everyday occurrence!


Our hats are off to you Betsy. All the members thank you for your interest and dedication to the WHS

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