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Basics of setting up and using Zoom

1. if you have not used Zoom before you will need to create a zoom account prior to the meeting at


2. We also highly recommend that you practice and watch some of the Zoom tutorials prior to trying Zoom for the first time. This is a good one for those of you accessing Zoom from an iPhone or iPad

3, The most important step is to familiarize yourself with the Zoom controls, On a PC or Mac these will be arrayed across the bottom of your screen. On an iPhone or iPad you may need to tap the screen to make the controls visible.

4. In the bottom left hand corner (or along the top on an iPad) you will see Mute/Unmute (a microphone icon) and Start Video/Stop Video (a camera icon). These are your local controls and they determine if others in the meeting can hear or see you. They are both toggles, meaning click it once and it changes state, click it again and you are back to where you started. So if you are currently muted and you click it, you become unmuted (i.e. you can be heard) , click it again you become muted again. Some points of note: 

  • If there is a red line through the microphone, you are currently muted 

  • If there is a red line through the camera, currently no one can see you. Your image is black and only shows your name to other attendees. 

  • Remember if you are not muted and there is a noise in your room, you will interrupt everyone. This is the reason that our host will be muting everyone during our presentations.

  • If you are in a situation where you do not want to be seen or you think someone else in your household might not want to be see, you can turn your video off. ​

5. Next to the Audio and Video controls you will find a Chat Icon. Click it and you will bring up a dialog "Zoom Group Chat". ​

  • You can type in questions during the course of the presentation.

  • Our host will sort through the questions at the end of the presentation and have the presenter respond to the whole group or if it is of a more immediate nature, she may bring it up during the presentation.

  • You can see what others are chatting about and you can send your own message.

  • You can send a private message too. If you have sent a private message, and now want to send a message to everyone, you must change the recipient in the drop down "To" menu. 

6. If you want to know who else is in the session, you can bring up the list by clicking “Participants” along the bottom of your controls. It’s also where you can change your name as seen by everyone else. Click on your own name and select the “rename” button from the bottom. Type in the name you want to use. 

7. In zoom there are two options to control what you see of the meeting plus one overriding control. The two options are ”Speaker View” and “Gallery View”.

  • In Gallery View, you will see small photos of everyone's video. If there are too many to fit on your screen, you can scroll to see the rest.

  • In Speaker view, you have a bigger area where the current speaker is shown, as the current speaker changes a different person will appear in the bigger area.

  • You toggle between these two using the control at the top right. If it says “Speaker View” then you are currently in Gallery view, because the toggle says “click this to go to Speaker View” (yes, its confusing). 

  • The overriding control is to “pin” the video. You do this by clicking on the video you want to pin, a little menu pops up and you select “pin video”. This persons video then stays in the bigger Speaker view window. The escape Key will unpin the video. ​ 

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