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Plant Notes

PLANT OF THE MONTH: February 2007
Grevillea lavendulacea "Penola"

            Covered with a mass of rose red blooms from January through March, Grevillea lavendulacea "Penola" is a big favorite with the hummingbirds and bees who are attracted to its nectar. Grevilleas are named after Charles Francis Greville, who was one of the founders of the Royal Horticultural Society in 1804. They belong to the protea family and are native to Australia. This cultivar, "Penola", is named after the town in the wine district of South Australia.
            G. lavendulacea "Penola" forms a medium sized shrub about 4 feet tall and six feet wide. It has narrow silver gray leaves and arching branches. The flowers are shaped like an elephant's trunk or a curly ram's horn. Plant it in full sun in a light soil and do not fertilize. Once established it will only need a little water in the summer. It grows happily in Pat Knight's garden on a steep bank which faces south-west and has good drainage. Pat has found that grevilleas are deer resistant but young plants need to be protected from rabbits.
            Hardy in Sunset zones 15-24 ( 20-25¡ F.)

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